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  1. Leann, I hung my beautiful creepy doll next to two photos: one is of some Boston buildings taken by a NH College of Art student, and the other is a photo of a barn by Jon Olsen. Ever since I moved from Boston to NH I have felt torn—between the city and the wilderness. That’s why the Boston scape and the barn are next to each other. Now, my doll hangs as the third photo, her eyes looking up toward the Boston buildings and across toward the barn. Just wanted you to know she found a good home!

  2. Hello,
    I am a young photographer based in Torbay, currently undergoing a project themed “Ruins”. I really like your doll photography and would like to take inspiration for my next shoot form your photographs. Also, would you be able to tell me a bit about yourself and where you got the inspiration for said shoot?

    Kind regards,
    Wiktoria Kilian

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