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Images speak louder than words.

An image can transport you into a world that you otherwise may not visit.

A portrait of an object is a world unto itself and spins its own sweet story.

An image can convey confusion, anger, sadness, beauty, ugliness and should evoke emotions.

An image should make you pause. Consider. Laugh. Blink back tears.  Think.

Images can equally assuage sadness or bring you to the brink of emptiness.

Within images exist life, motion and memory.


Author: lshamash

Leann Shamash lives in Newton, Masschusetts.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Leann,
    What a fabulous body of work. Compelling images, beautifully composed. I love it.
    Your cousin Dawny is an old friend of mine and she was telling me about your work.
    I am glad she did!

    Kind regards,

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